Whale logistics Co., Ltd. was founded in Taipei . We provide professional ocean and airfreight service , inland customs clearance and door-to-door service. Our management concept is to serve, surpass and share; our corporation spirit is flexible, diverse and innovative; and our goal is to establish a reliable, professional and efficient shipping forwarder.

Since the establishment of Whale Logistics Co., Ltd. , we have valued the welfare and career paths of our staffs. We have a cooperative, harmonious working environment, a complete educational training, as well a good welfare system. We also have a young but experienced leadership team which led us to a breakthrough, based on the management philosophy of accuracy, quick, steady and cost-efficiency. Our mission is to become a global scaled organization, continuously develop and pursue business growth , as well to create value to achieve the effectiveness of cost and benefit. In addition to the overall stability of the business operation, the profit of the company has increased year by year, and we are now a reputable domestic company. We have gained the trust and support of various well-known domestic companies, and have earnt our reputation in the transportation industry!

In 2007, Whale Logistics established a branch in Hong Kong to provide diverse services to customers around the world , including import and export, and transhipment service, which are making the business more prosperous . As making an overall arrangement in the Chinese market is an indispensable strategic factor in providing comprehensive services, all the staff of Whale are looking forward to creating diverse professional services to fulfill the needs of customers, utilizing our many years of experience, reducing costs, enhancing efficiency and customer service with competitive prices, and making a good impression in the industry!

Company Philosophy
Our philosophy is providing the best service, enthusiasm , professionalism and positive attitude. In the 21st century, efficiency and knowledge is everything. As customers' strategic partners, we provide professional, rapid and accurate services. O ur obligation is to provide customers with diverse services!

• Quality assurance:
premium service and customer satisfaction.

• Business philosophy:
sustainable business operation and profit-sharing.
• Vision:
to become a pioneer and expert in the industry.
• Core values:
A learning team with passion, professionalism and sharing.

Professionalism, efficiency and dedication are our commitments to our customers. All of our dedicated employees will provide customers with a globalized sea and air transport and logistics service. In the future, the goal of Whale logistics is to provide an excellent service and create a win-win situation with customers.

The advantage of its extensive cooperation with domestic and international networks.

In addition to the Taipei and Hong Kong service locations, Whale logistics has more comprehensive global network agencies . The main network agencies are distributed in major Asian countries, the Indian Ocean, Europe, America , Australia , New Zealand , South Africa and Oceania , providing a complete global service network.

Furthermore, we have a good relationship with the major shipping companies and container terminal yards. Together with our branches and agencies all over the world, a complete customized logistics service will be provided to meet customers' logistics and inventory requirements and give them more effective assistance to enhance their competitiveness.

At the same time, in order to ensure that customers' shipments are delivered to the destination in the fastest and most secure manner, complete cargo tracking and close contact with customers is maintained in order to achieve the delivery task with the most efficient and quality service.

Computerized operation.

The business operations of Whale Logistics are located all over the world. In order to ensure real-time, integrity and accuracy of information, we implemented computerized facilities that are connected to foreign agencies and major shipping companies.

This makes import and export operations more convenient for customers, and helps foreign agencies obtain timely freight information so that they are able to make the follow-up arrangements in advance for post arrival of freight.

Excellent employees develop a superior Whale Logistics.

Talented employees are the most valuable asset at Whale logistics and they are also the key to keep sustainable operation for our group. In order to maintain a high-quality team, Whale logistics provides a complete learning system, globalization and challenging working environment, in which our employees are able to explore and develop their potential.

Whale logistics continually refines its operation for each of the management mechanisms and continuously seeks to improve, innovate, and enhance quality and core competitiveness to achieve a high level of excellent service and customer satisfaction.

Excellent company culture, spirit and respect.
Whale logistics promotes “internationalization of talents” and “international talents” to establish the team learning system to train more diverse logistics and management specialists.

A complete professional team learning system.

Training for new employees

Understanding the company's philosophy , organization, company culture and system, will enable new employees to quickly adapt to their jobs.

Professional knowledge training

OJT (On the Job Training) is the best training procedure; the professional curriculum will help them with the basic professional knowledge.

Management training

Management training enhances middle-ranking management and communication skills. We also provide higher level management with different courses. The diverse training courses can make the management courses livelier.

Internal teacher training

With the planned study system, the outstanding senior managers from different fields can serve as lecturers, so their knowledge and experience can be passed on to colleagues in the relevant fields.

Common capabilities

Improving basic work skills of entry level employees , such as communication skills, workplace EQ, time management and so on.

Knowledge Management

The sharing and complete cataloguing of all class materials from internal and off-site training courses provides access to the materials for other colleagues at any time.